Gymnasium Andreanum was founded in 1225. Andreanum prides itself on having served the citizens of Hildesheim for nearly 800 years as a school dedicated to academic excellence. The school is proud of its alumni, ranging from the Baroque composer Georg Philipp Telemann (1681–1767) to Nobel laureate Sir Hans Adolph Krebs, discoverer of the citric acid cycle.


School profile:
The school traditionally focuses on three aspects which define its profile:

A broad spectrum of languages: apart from English, French and Italian the school lays particular emphasis on teaching the classics. Each and every student becomes proficient in Latin, and Classical Greek is offered as an elective. Spanish is taught as an extracurricular activity.

Dedication to the liberal Arts: Music and Art play an important role in the school’s offering. Two symphony orchestras, a brass ensemble, drama and musical groups are firm institutions.

A focus on Social and Religious Experience: each year about 100 students from form 10 work in institutions serving the special needs of socially, physically and mentally challenged persons. Regular school devotions and services marking turning points of the academic and church year enrich life at the school.

During the past decade, however, the focus has shifted somewhat towards a more science-oriented profile, as well as to providing long-term guidance to students regarding their future professional and academic careers. Our achievements in these areas have been recognized by several academic bodies. Our students have been highly sucessful in recent science fairs (experimentation projects for the Juniors, research projects for the Senior years) on the state and national level.

International school partnerships
Andreanum is partnered with a range of schools in Europe and abroad. Here you could read some more details about our international school partnerships:


Abgabe der Facharbeit und dann ab in die Niederlande! So war der Plan in unserem Seminarfach „Perspektivwechsel“ – doch leider mussten wir neu planen und unseren Besuch verschieben. Frau Heine und Frau de Vries von unserer niederländischen Partnerschule CSG Prins Maurits kreierten also blitzschnell aus den ursprünglichen Ideen ein Programm für eine Online-Veranstaltung: